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Our 5 Tips to Reducing Your Water Bill


Our 5 Tips to Reducing Your Water Bill

With ever increasing prices being charged for utilities, it is important for us all to look at ways we can reduce consumption and in turn our bills, below are our Top 5 Tips for saving both water and money.

Water Meter

Whilst many of us now have a water meter fitted, there may be some homes which are yet to have one installed.  Paying for the water that you use rather than a rate based on your home could lead to cheaper bills.

Turn off Taps

We can waste a surprising amount of water simply by leaving taps running whilst washing up or brushing teeth.  With several litres wasted each time you brush your teeth, by turning off the taps during this twice a day ritual, savings can soon add up in the family household. Fixing a leaking tap is also worthwhile, as again a tap that is constantly dripping is costing you money.

Shower vs Bath

Opting to shower rather than bath has long been recognised as a money saver, but we can still end up using a vast amount of water during a shower. By shortening the time spent in your shower or reducing the rate at which the water flows through installing an efficient showerhead, you will again reduce consumption and save money on your bill.

Water Efficient Products

It’s worth exploring those products which facilitate reduced water usage, from dual flush toilets which can save several litres per flush compared to single flush models, to lower flow taps where water can again be saved. When looking to install more efficient white goods, taking the time to research what’s on offer is very worthwhile, as when it comes to replacing items such as dishwashers and washing machines water usage for these machines varies greatly, even though eco-friendly functions are now a main feature on most models.  You can still save water usage on existing models by ensuring dishwashers and washing machines are fully loaded before use.


Given our climate, installing a water butt in the garden is another good move, helping the environment as well as your pocket through making use of the rain water that we have an abundance of.


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