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Central Heating Tool Supplies

Specialist unique tools to quickly and safely remove and replace Central Heating Radiators, some of the main reasons to remove a radiator will be,

1. Decorate behind the radiator.

2.Tile behind the radiator.

3. Plaster wall behind radioator.

4. Insulate wall behind radiator.

5.Paint behind the radiator.

6.Rehang the radiator.

7. Flush out Radiator.

8.Clean behind Radiator.

9.Change radiator valve.

10.Replace the radiator

 Ther are many more reasons to take off a radiator, but whatever the reason, we guarantee that there is no better way to remove a radiator than using one of our Radiator removal kits.

Dont risk irreperable damage to your floorcoverings, the water in most radiators is extremely indelible, remove your radiators using our Patented Radclamp system.

What our customers say

the radclamp is clamptastic!
Graham W


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