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Customer Feedback

ABD welcomes comments and suggestions from our customers to help improve our products and services. Please send us your feedback which we can publish to the site and help add to the value we offer.

Below is some of the typical feedback we received over the past few years from our customers.

As a self employed plumber, I think the Dragons missed a great opportunity. Especially for the tap tool, and the radiator seal.

I have encountered numerous siezed inserts. I have even had them that tight, I ended having a spanner slip, and me taking a large lump of skin out of my thumb... Which required stitching.

Also anyone who has had to remove a radiator from the wall, even if it has been drained down, will know it still retains black sludge. Which drips onto the carpet, once the rad is tipped slightly.

Allan the plumber

My set of RadClamps arrived on Saturday as promised and I really must say I am very happy with them.

I was a bit sceptical when ordering this gimmick tool but after using them on Sunday I really must say that they are no gimmick! What a great tool. No mess and no hassle radiator removal and with the carpet still down that's a big bonus. It really is a super product. Well done boys...

Andrew Middleditch

Your Tapsplitter was godsend to me. I was trying to undo a seized nut on the basin to replace a complete tap valve assembly, but just could not budge it. Seized solid. (25 years! seizure) Tried everything even the hammer!

Eventually whilst surfing I came across your innovation and thought of giving it a try. Eureka! It worked... Fantastic, and so easy and effective. So many thanks & congratulations. Wish you every success for your future projects.

D Gohil

I am the proud owner of the above kit purchased from QVC. Where have you been all my life? Seriously one of my better purchases. Just need the muscles for lifting the larger rads on my own.

Just received my Tapsplitter which was put to work immediately on a stubborn bathroom tap. It released the headset within seconds. This is a fantastic product that has saved me many hours of frustration.


Have used tapsplitter today for the first time. Brilliant, what a joy.

Purchased from Top Choice Plumbers Merchant's Mold, Flintshire. Very pleased with the product.

Neil Evans

As an interior decorator/tiler/plumber etc I have found your radclamp to be one of the most useful items in my toolkit.

Paul G

I am not given to this modern positive feedback rubbish - however I was called today to replace a leaking rad hemmed in by WC pan. Your product enabled me to save enough time draining down the rad to take on another job - paid for itself first time out of the box. MARVELLOUS - best if I don't think back on those past jobs - DOH TOOO late!


Just to let you know I am having good success with my new Radwrench, it makes the removal of radiators much easier and does not "chew" into the valve in the same way grips used to. Also the new design of the radclamp is a distinct improvement.

Eddie Cockayne

I purchased a Radkit from QVC last week. The kit is a brilliant idea; so much so that I have ordered an additional kit from QVC today for my Brother in Law, who is a professional plumber and gas installer.

Les Copeland

I like the kit very much, it is a great time saver and very convenient.

S Dundon

Just wanted to give you a huge thank you for your fantastic Tapsplitter. It made easy and fast work of removing two formerly impossible-to-remove headgear nuts. I'm very impressed... and very grateful.

Anne N

Worth every penny.

Graham Ward
What our customers say

the radclamp is clamptastic!
Graham W


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