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Pozibite add-on for Easy Tapsplitter

Pozibite add-on for Easy Tapsplitter

Product Code: AB-PBT-005
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 Pozibite Add-On for TapSplitter is a clamp screw that can be used with the TapSplitter to help easy removal of a damaged or seized headgear or headnut

A common Problem when trying to undo a tight tap headgear nut can be as follows, as the metal of the headnut is usually made from soft brass, this will easily become damaged when siezed or stuck if you are using  traditional  grips or open ended spanner to unscrew, as the  these type of tools can easily lose grip, causing the edges of the nut to "round off" .

The easy  Solution is the PoziBite add-on tool  which is used in conjunction with  the Easy TapSplitter. This will solve the problem, and will allow a severely rounded nut to be gripped positively, when used with the Easy TapSplitter, will again apply all the force needed  to unscrew it.

The patented pozibite and TapSplitter insert,  comes with 3 x interchangable toothed 'dog bits' and a pointed clamp screw.

This is a purpose designed tool and will save you from having to remove the whole tap itself as was previously the case.

The PoziBite tool can be purchased along with the Easy TapSplitter at a discounted price.


Pozibite tool is laser cut from EN1A steel plate, finished in B.Z.P.

Pozibite thickness  12mm.

Uses hardened point ended capscrew.

Replaceable toothed bit made from mild steel, finish B.Z.P. (x 3)

What our customers say

the radclamp is clamptastic!
Graham W


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