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Radkit Trade

Radkit Trade

Product Code: RK-TRK-010
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The Radkit trade  consists of a complete set of four Radclamps and a Radwrench & Radspanner to safely remove up to 4 radiators at the same time. Ideal for the bigger job or where there are multiple radiators in a room to be removed. 

Despatched in a simple carton, these are basic Radclamps  sets for use by the trade or DIYer 

The carton contains:

  • A Radwrench to safely and securely grip any type rad valve whilst connecting or disconnecting to the radiator.
  • A Solid Metal Radspanner 
  • 8  x Radclamp metal bodies
  • 8  x Radclamp forks with  EPDM rubber seals
  • 8  x Radclamp guide rods with end caps to connect to forks to retain the water in up to four radiators when removing them.

2 x extra pairs of Radclamp seals. 

1 x airvent key.

  • A  fullset of handy hints & instructions  for using the Radkits successfully. 

This kit allows taking off and replacing up to 4 x radiators much easier, quicker, cleaner and safer than traditional " catch the water" ways .

Using our unique kit means less risk of damage to pipe work, carpets, woodwork, paintwork and house contents when the simple instructions provided are followed. 

With this kit, professionals and DIYers can now replace radiators with the confidence of complete success. 

These tools can be reused time and time again whenever radiator(s) work needs to be carried out. 

Oh, and dont forget, using Radclamps saves your valuable system additives too! 

 All metal components are constructed from EN 1A rigid mild steel, finished in

B.Z.P to prevent corrosion.

Bleed key, Solid Brass.

Radseals, EPDM Rubber

What our customers say

the radclamp is clamptastic!
Graham W


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