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Tap Re-Seater Tool

Tap Re-Seater Tool

Product Code: AB-TRE-100
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Tap Re-Seater Tool is ideal for fixing leaky taps and installing a new washer. Re-seating tool grinds the tap seat so it is smooth for the new washer, stopping drips

Solid metal bodied tap re-seater with spring-loaded handle. Includes 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16mm hardened steel cutters to re-cut worn tap seats.

Simply Installing a new tap washer is not guaranteed to stop a dripping if the tap seat is old,in a hard water area worn or pitted. This can happen even with reasonably new taps.

Hot or cold water will force its way through the faulty seal, and cause a drip from your tap.

By using a re-seating tool to regrind smooth the tap seat and provide the ideal smooth surface for the tapwasher to sit will stand a bertter chance to stop the tap from dripping.

By providing a smooth tap seat also helps prevent further damage of the new tap washer, and so the washer itself will last longer before it needs replacing.


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