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Tap Splitter

Easy Tap Splitter toolkits are available through this site,Tap splitter kits come in 3 types.

1. Tap splitter kit with pozibite, complete toolkit to enable you to remove difficult tapheadgear, also included in the kit is the pozibite tool which will let you remove a tap head in the case where the headnut has been damaged, or rounded off.

2. Tap splitter basic, this kit gives you the Tap splitter components to take off a siezed headnut, but without the pozibite included as the Tap splitter kit with pozibite, Both the above Tap splitter kits come in  blow moulded carry case, and 5 x commonly used tap washers.

3. Tap splitter compact, this is the basic  Tap splitter kit  that is supplied on its own, ie not in a carry case as the above, but all the components are kept inside the Tap splitter sleeve for safe keeping for your next tap repair.

Whichever Tap splitter kit you choose you will have the ability to unscrew that difficult stuck tap headgear with ease.

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the radclamp is clamptastic!
Graham W


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