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TapSplitter Compact

TapSplitter Compact

Product Code: AB-TSR-002
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TapSplitter Compact is a Headnut Release Tool and a basic kit that helps you to carry out all tap repairs in an easy, safe and risk free way.

New unique tap Headnut release tool.

The Tapsplitter compact offers economy and a basic kit to carry out your tap repairs, all components fit together neatly in the sleeve and are kept in one place ready for your next tap repair!

One of The main causes of problems when carrying out the  "simple" job fixing a dripping tap is a seized tap head nut or Headgear

In most cases lots of force is applied with a gripping tool such as an open ended spanner  to undo the nut and can result in  the tap to spinning in its fixing hole and disaster. This is because it is impossible to hold the tap steady while force is applied.

The answer?  as easy as A.B.D. using a our Easytaplitter tool - and totally safe.

This tap tool safely releases the joint of the head nut on any single type of tap on your washbasin, bath or  kitchen sink using hardly any effort.

Virtually no risk of causing ceramicware to crack, or for tapconnections to spring a leak.



The Easy Tapsplitter does one job brilliantly - tap repairs. Get the new tool specifically designed for the job.

Guaranteed to apply all the indirect force needed to move the tap head however tight or seized to allow tap washer replacement, reseating or spindle repair.

The EasyTap splitter tool fits together compactly for storage. Included is a spout sleeve, sleeve liners x 2, clamp eyebolt, 32.0mm spanner and 4 x hex inserts to provide a total of 5 x nut sizes (1x17mm, 1x17.5mm, 1x19mm, &1x 22mm) which will fit most single  pillar and bib tap sizes and a full set of tap repair instructions & tips.


All flat metal parts are laser cut from mild steel sheet finished in BZP.

Spout sleeve is made from rigid Glass filled Nylon 66.

Spout length 134mm   I.D 38.5mm

Spout liners are extruded EPDM rubber.

Liner sizes x2 ,    Lengths 75mm,    I.D.(small) 25mm     I.D Large 32.5mm

Spanner Length 145mm     Thickness 4mm

Hex insert sizes, 1 x 17mm      1 x 17.5mm     1 x 19mm      1 x 22mm 

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the radclamp is clamptastic!
Graham W


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