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Union Splitter Kit

Union Splitter Kit

Product Code: RK-UNS-001
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Union Splitter Kit helps to connect or disconnect the radiator valve union nut in a safe way using our patented Rad wrench and Rad Spanner

A set of tools to allow safe connection or disconnection of radiator valve union nuts greatly reducing the risk of damaging the valve or pipework

A major and common problem with working on central heating radiators & valves is that union nut has seized solid., This will need considerable force to undo, and is vital that the valve is held in position while this takes place, using traditional methods to do this ( ie grips or stillsons)  invites high risk of damage to radiator valves and pipes causing leaks & damage to property.

Our patented RadWrench is specifically designed to securely hold a valve body without scratching or other damage, and allows very high leverage to be applied when using in conjunction with the RadSpanner to 'crack' the union to valve connection. The union nut can then easily be undone. 

The same applies when connecting the Valve


The Radwrench is made out of non marking super strong glass filled Nylon 66 thermoplastic.

The Radspanner is made out of Rigid EN1A mild steel and finished in gold zinc passivate.

Radspanner length  200mm.         Steel Thickness 5mm

What our customers say

the radclamp is clamptastic!
Graham W


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